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       The Water Taps project 

Some districts in the Huê Province, similar to the Kim Long area,  host a poor population, who live in slums and homes of corrugated iron. These slums have no water & electricity.

These families rely on the Perfume River for water or use dirty stagnant water that can be full of infection.

The Taps project is connecting poor slums families to the fresh drinking water distribution network of the city.


The cost of one installation is about €50 per family.

This includes the tap, the water meter and the actual installation and hook-up.



Unclean water increases the likelihood of sickness, not only when cooking, but also for basic hygiene care.

It is obvious that such an installation provides these folks with a substantial improvement in their conditions of living.

By Mid-2008, more than 1000 taps where connected.

This project is quite popular in Europe, because it is a pragmatic way to help poor Vietnamese families, at a quite low budget.



The principle of the Taps project is as follows:

·        A European family (or elsewhere) sponsors the installation

·        Once the tap is connected, Sister Chantal provides the sponsor with a picture of the result as evidence of the good utilization of the donation;

·        A letter of thanks is sent to the sponsors, including the identity of the sponsored family a picture and a genuine pearl of Vietnam.


The sponsors:

Vietnamitié Lorraine, Nancy, France

A huge structural work from this very active and motivated association around the taps project and the rebuilding of slums.

60 members finance €50 a year for a new tap.

300 taps where installed by the association around mid-2008!

Onze Lieve Vrouwcollege, Vilvoorde, Belgium

This school chose the water taps as yearly humanitarian project. They gathered 130 taps together.

Orso Delage

A nice mobilization for a lot of taps.

The Lions Club of Belgium

The Lions Club of France – Marcel d’Audigier



The Rotary Club of Nogent, France

Sent a gift of €5.000 for taps!


You and so many more individuals.

Thank you so much for all these families!