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120th Anniversary


The year 2009 celebrates the 120th anniversary of Kim Long Orphanage. The boarding school of the Holy Childhood (Sainte Enfance – Vien Duc Anh) first opened in 1889.

After the treaty of June 4th, 1885 with China,  France took control of IndoChina of which Vietnam was a part.



In 1969,. During the American War in Vietnam, Bob Staranowicz, an American soldier often visited the orphanage bringing the laundry of his company that was based along the road between Huê and the Phu Bai airport. He enjoyed moments here that made him and his friends forget about the war for a few short hours.

Bob sent us these two pictures in May 2008, asking us whether this was our orphanage that was so important to him at the time. He received the positive reply that , indeed, it was.   Since then, Bob has become (again) a true friend of Son Ca where he will revisit in January 2009, some 40 years later.

            1969: Tu & Lân

2009: Tu, Lân and Bob

In 1976, once the Communists gained control of the entire country, the buildings of Kim Long were confiscated. The Government used them to set-up the city’s hospital, leaving us only the house for the sisters and some dirty slums. Unfortunately, there are no pictures remaining that would record the first 100  years of the orphanage. They were all destroyed in the War. Our only source is Sister Xavier.  At the  age of 82, she  can remember some facts since she has been at Kim Long since 1969.



In 1990, one year prior to the reopening of the country, Sister Chantal was assigned the  responsibility of the orphanage by the Congregation of the Sisters of Chartres. She has built and rebuilt everything with her own hands, little by little, until she could offer the children and our sisters a school and a decent home.

2009, 120 years later…