Orphanage – Disabled Centrum
Sisters of Saint Paul de Chartres





The orphanage is a fully independent organization and does not claim any government subsidies to cover its operational costs. It relies primarily on gifts or donations from non-governmental organizations or individuals. 



Money – unfortunately – makes the world go round. We still need to address and fix many details at Son Ca II, in order to make it more operational. There will always be a need  for furniture and the training & supervision staff to maintain the sheltered workshops. Financial help of any kind, either in €, or in $, or in VND, even the smallest amount, is more than welcome.

The tourists visiting the orphanage can ask Sister Chantal directly how to help.

International transfers are also available. No banking costs are charged when Sister Chantal leaves the money in her bank account for a couple of weeks or more.

Please wire your donations in US$ to:   

                                          An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank

         209 Trung Hung Dao Street

                                            Hue - Vietnam


         Account number in USD:    114 100 397 6063     


                                           Swift code:  ABBKVNVX


                                           Owner:  VU THI THO , 42 Kim Long Hue.

Please wire your donations in Vietnamese Dongs (VND) to:   


                                           78 Hung Vuong St.. Hue City - V N

                                           Tel : 084 54 846058 - 824572 -824629

                                           Email: vcbhue@dng.vnn.vn

        Account number in VND:             016 114 002 5957

                                   Swift code:  BFTVVNVX016

                                             CIF  :  212052

                                           Owner:  VU THI THO , 42 Kim Long Hue.


Sister Chantal confirms the need for medicines. As suggested in most tourist guides, do not hesitate to take a bit more medicines than you actually need, and leave them behind at the end of your stay in Huê.

Tourism: Please avoid larger  quantities however. It is better to go through customs with a small parcel – say for personal needs – rather than a big package or box, which will definitely be checked by customs officials. Some medicines get confiscated or are subject to taxes.

By post: Sending medicines by regular mail is also quite hazardous, for the same reasons. Sister Chantal will often have to incur a charge to collect the parcel. We are currently investigating some solutions to allow the sending of bulk medicines, via NGO’s, from a fixed collection point in Europe.

Below is an overview of the medicines which are always useful for the orphanage:



Medicines for:









Sterilization gear


Bandages, gauzes

Antiseptic ointment
Antiseptic liniment

Plasters, band aids

Cotton wool




Stomach pains



Akileïne for heavy legs

Falls, burns, …


Sister Xavier and Sister Linh are in need of these medicines. They thank you in advance for your help.


Clothes for the children are, of course, welcome.  Clothing is needed  for very young babies and children up to the age of 5 and more.

Alternatively, it is much easier to buy clothing directly from the Huê market (Dông Ba), than carrying them in your luggage. The funny thing is that it usually would result in re-importing clothes back into Vietnam, where they actually come from!

We indeed have lots of clothes , but most of the time these are worn-out or do not meet the specific needs of the children.

 Sister Chantal suggests the following:

·      Come to the orphanage;

·      Ask Sister Chantal which of the children need clothes;

·      Go to the Dông Ba market in Huê and purchase what you can. These clothes are brand new, from a good quality manufacturer  and are very inexpensive.

·      You will have the pleasure to hand the clothes directly to the child. This will surely create a strong relationship.

If you still want to bring clothes with you, be careful at the Vietnamese customs.  Customs may charge import taxes on used clothes (due to competition to the Vietnamese textile industry). If you will be sending clothes through the mail,  try to spread a large shipment among  between several people or send items in smaller packages which are more discrete.