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Orphanage – Disabled Centrum
Sisters of Saint Paul de Chartres


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In 1991, as the country opened, Sister Chantal also reopened the doors of the orphanage held since 1889 by the Sisters of the Congregation of Saint-Paul de Chartres.

The orphanage is located at Kim Long, a poor area of Huê, Vietnam, along the Perfume River.

Sister Chantal takes care for the children of the streets, children abandoned by their families because of their disability and children of destitute families in order to allow their parents to work; the same for poor and isolated young girls.

“My first goal is providing them with a good intellectual background and a job for live!”

Since 2007, Sister Anne Marie Thanh An has taken over the responsibility of the orphanage. She is obviously supported by Sister Chantal who guides her in this tough task.

Sister Anne Marie Thanh An actually replaced Sister Julienne Loan who is currently in charge of a school for poor children in Kontum, in the highlands of the country.

Son Ca II: the new orphanage since
September 1st, 2008
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Sister Chantal’s long-time dream became a reality. Our children moved into their brand new sheltered structure for orphans, handicapped children and the sheltered workplaces. Son Ca II is located about a 5 minute walk from Son Ca I, the former orphanage, towards the Perfume River. It took us 4 years to get to this result. Our gratitude to all these associations, NGO’s and so many individuals is huge. From the bottom of our heart: THANKS to all of you!