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And all other English speaking countries

Up to now, mostly French and Belgian associations supported the sisters of Kim Long (see Nos Amis� in the French version of this site). There is no need for non-French speaking people to contact these associations since they only speak French and their fiscal system is not valid outside France.


On the other hand, Kim Long is always open to support from English speaking countries throughout the world. Some sisters understand English and some of them are taking English lessons, but you do not need to speak any language when it comes to contributing something to the orphanage.


The best way for English speaking people who want to communicate with Sister Chantal is to sendan e-mail to info@st-paul-hue.com


For those who have already supported Kim Long, please contact us at theemail address above in order to be recognizedon this website.



US friends

Susan & Paul O'Neill, Washington

Wayne Kelloway, New Hampshire

Peter Wester, New Jersey

Susan, Paul, Wayne and Peter sponsored the construction of Son Ca II as of the early beginning. $2.500 was a quite significant amount of money (at least for individuals), which helped us to get the things started.

Thanks so much guy�s!



Another donation from people in the Doylestown, PA area. Bob Staranowicz (see further) handed the donation over to Sister Chantal on Jan 19th, 2009 on his trip back to Vietnam. Thanks to all of you. Thanks Bob. Thanks America.

The donators:

Mary Ellen and Jon Smith ���������


Donna Robertson ��������������������

New York

Cafeteria Workers of Central Bucks High School


Duane Longfellow��������������������


Veterans of Foreign Wars�����������

Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Ed Krensel���������������������������


Joe and Wendy Skupen�������������


Denis and Phyllis Katasak�����������


Jim and Ann Campanella������������

New Jersey

In Memory of Harvey Lawshe�������

New Jersey

Susan and Paul O�Neill

New York

Susan & Paul are true friends since several years.

They also made the link with Bob Staranowicz.

US Veterans of Foreign Wars



Post 175

Doylestown, PA 18902

Mr and Mrs John Cushman, New Jersey

Scott Mays, Pennsylvania

Bob Staranowicz, Pennsylvania

Bob is a US Army Veteran of Vietnam. He wrote a book (Chapter One - The Story of Vic Charles) based on real and fictional accounts that took place in the early 70�s in Vietnam, also featuring our orphanage, where Bob used to bring the laundry of his comrades from Camp Eagle where he was based.

The story is a about the way Vic Charles experiences life 20 years after his return to the Country. Experiences shared by many other Vietnam Veterans. Several flashbacks bring the reader back into to the scene of Hu� in �69 & �70. A very interesting book for many reasons.

The book is currently awaiting a new publisher but the version one (the old version) is still available at:https://www.createspace.com/3429156


Bob had tried many years to get back in contact with our orphanage.On May 19th, 2008, Bob sent us an e-mail. The picture of the church taken in �70 he sent us was definitely ours. Bob and his Vet-friends have offered a financial gift that helped us in buying a washing machine and a cooker.

Bob is truly committed to us. His January 2009 trip will be his first trip back to Vietnam and he will definitely be coming back to our orphanage.

Bob has also contributed to the English version of this website.

Many thanks to Bob and the US Veterans of Vietnam.




Christian PHILIPPE

Also called
Bac Ki�





Author of these webpages, personal secretary to Sister Chantal and mad about Vietnam. I have a huge admiration for the Sisters of Kim Long.

Your remarks and questions are welcome.

Christian PHILIPPE
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