Orphanage – Disabled Centrum
Sisters of Saint Paul de Chartres





The sister’s orphanage means :

  • 62 orphans sheltered as early as 2 days of age
  • 17 mentally disabled between 2 and 12 years of age
  • Poor young girls, sheltered and educated
  • A nursery school with 400 children between 2 and 5 years
  • 14 religious who take care of the orphanage and provide the children with care and affection
  • 26 teachers trained in maternal pedagogy who care for their education
  • A small dispensary that provides free healthcare for benign diseases.




The result is:

  • For the young sheltered and educated girls:

·        Most go to the university or higher education

·        They have their baccalaureate,

·        Others are either in their last school year or in the secondary school.

  • 62 orphans sheltered as of the age of 2 days


Most of the children come from young unmarried mothers who want to remain anonymous in order to find a new start in their lives, because the Vietnamese mentality does not accept an irregular union.


  • 17 mental disabled between 2 and 12 years


These are the most neglected of the Vietnamese society and of their family. The first where sheltered in  1996 with a state licence. Most of them where nothing more than a heap of flesh with stiff hands and feet and lifeless, generally victims of the war’s dioxin. After one year of care, re-education, nutrition and above all affection, these children come back to life. Some of them even can walk, pronounce words and speak or produce sounds.


  • A nursery school with 400 children between 2 and 5 years


Parents who need to work place their children in the care of the orphanage as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 6 p.m. Families pay a contribution of €8 a month for the teacher’s salaries and meals of their children. It is indeed a small contribution but parents are often too poor to give more than that.



The smallest girls


                    Tu Oanh          An Ni   Diem       Phuong              Thao

                                                             Quyen      Quyen              Quyen

   Mai Anh        Anh Duong    Thuy        Xuan   Ngoc    Xuan             Xuan

                                          Duong       Ngoc   Nhung   Nhi              Huong                         

                                                                         Hien Linh



The lower school girls


                Hong Thi                      Giang                              Huong

       Lan Thi                 Kim Yen                        My Linh           Thanh Hang

                          Tu Oanh              Minh Nguyet               An Ni



1st & 2nd cycle

Cycle 1 et 2

              Hong Phuc       Minh Ngoc          Missa               Hoai Phuc

      Hong An              Ky Duyen         Cam Linh          Thuy Trang        Hong Van

                    Hanh My           Hong Thanh     Thien Duyen            Lan Chi

                   Thuy Hang                 Hoa                               Lan Vy



The great girls


                     Tuyen         Le             Lan         Nhu         Hien         Thanh

              Tinh         Chung       Quyen    Trang         Loan              Nga

       An             Thao       Thich       Nga           Ai         Tan               Thuy           



Our parmanant community




Dec 10th, 2008: The 4 last little girls from the mountains


      Y nhu Quynh                     Y Xaxoi            Y RiGiang

                                   Y Nghien 


And 4 other new girls from the same village who joined us on Jan 1st, 2009 :

         Y Kyr              Y Thi      Y Nghia Ly           Y Dika