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Sister Chantal’s Projects

The orphanage is an organization subject to continuous evolution. Its first priority is to keep its basic operations up and running, that being the sheltering, education, schooling and the protection of its children.

Aside from this essential vocation, Sister Chantal has initiated several projects inside, as well as, outside the orphanage. All of these projects are indeed, directly related to charity and to assist the poor population in the surrounding community.

This project started in 2004. By mid-2008, more than 1000 water taps had been installed.

The principle behind the project : An European family is financing the installation of the water tap, at a rate of €50 each. This price includes the tap, the water meter and the actual connection to the public water distribution network

The Water Taps

This project initiated by Sister Chantal has been mostly assigned to a French association from Nancy, Vietnamitié Lorraine.

It is about rebuilding slums into decent houses, using good materials.

Les Taudis

This project is currently being started : the training of seamstresses. These are poor girls from Kim Long but also from other provinces, sometimes faraway. A training to a real job, during 3 years, the students being totally taken in charge.

The seamstresses

Building Son Ca II, the new orphanage, is probably the biggest project of Sister Chantal in Kim Long. The aim was to adapt the hosting structure of our sheltered children to the new needs and challenges of the Vietnamese society.

It was a huge work, which lasted 4 years and involved the sponsoring of big charity associations, NGO’s and individuals. Son Ca II should host shelter disadvantaged children for the next 50 years… .

Son Ca II