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Training of Seamstresses



The seamstresses are poor young girls from the countryside.

        They live a great distance from Kim Long and therefore need to be hosted, fed and their laundry washed

        They come to Son Ca II to learn the trade of seamstress. Their training includes all the required supplies and tools

        During the day, they work and study. In the evening, they share the collegiate life of Son Ca II, just like all other girls living there.


CSC Wimereux

This project is heavily sponsored by our friends of the Centre Socio Culturel Audrey Bartier of Wimereux, France.

Young French girls and boys were the motivation for this project.




About 10 student seamstresses have joined the workshop since its origin

This structural project is the very first in Son CA II. Hence, its importance is quite strategic for us, because a lot of investment has been put in this brand new sheltered structure since 2005.

The training duration of the seamstress workshop varies from 2 to 3 years depending on the age and level of the students.

Making the workplace operational is the first set-up phase of the technical infrastructure. Once available, the workplace will operate in a recurring manner during the 2 or 3 year cycle.