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          Rebuilding the Slums

Some districts in the Huê Province, similar to the Kim Long area, host a poor population, living in slums.

Some of these people live in such squalor that it would be unacceptable living in most parts of the world.  Their shacks are no better than the shanty towns of Brazil.

During the rainy season, the spectacle of the slums is much worse and deeply shocking and sad.

Our true friends of Vietnamitié Lorraine decided to take on this project.

By Mid-2008, 6 slums where converted into respectable hard and dry houses!


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Thanks to Vietnamitié Lorraine, Nancy, France, 6 houses have been build.





The cost for rebuilding a slum varies between €500 and €750 according to the families. In Vietnam, one can build a clean, hard, sheltered, dry, and above all, dignified house for a relatively low cost. Compared to the cost of construction in Europe, this is a ridiculously low budget.